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Our unique programming helps new retailers get a strong start.

“People think brick and mortar is dying, but we believe that it is simply changing.”

The Collective Lab is part of the The Crowdfunded Commercial Corridor Program (CCCP).  CCCP identifies strong businesses within communities and helps them grow through training on operations and fundraising. It introduces business owners to local, certified investors. Each new business completes a rigorous process which will helps them improve their business operations and prepare to take on investors, while local residents are trained to on understand the private investment process and how to make educated investment decisions.

Additionally, business owners are eligible to operate a subsidized Pop Up experience within our selected Commercial Corridors to test their ideas and begin building an audience.  The result is improved local business districts operated by informed entrepreneurs that are supported by the local residents most likely to patronize the businesses on an ongoing basis.  It becomes a self-fulling opportunity for both businesses who have the funds and support they need and local residents who have ownership in the business community that serves them.

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Our Retailers

Local inspiration. Movers and Shakers.

Dondre Smith

Dondre Smith


“I design cut & sew streetwear for the spirit and soul.”
jasmine brown

Jasmine Brown

Ankara Street Fashions

“I create urban designs that reflect the African American and West African cultures.”

I have been perfecting my craft for the past year I’ve traveled to The Gambia where I connected with local businesses to import fabrics, clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Juliette scott

Juliette Scott

Boot Camp Print Shop

“l provide custom and brand retail apparel and aim to revolutionize it!”

Boot Camp Print Shop was established July 2018 not only to provide custom and brand retail apparel, but to revolutionize it! We specialize in Bling and other print T’s and will soon be launching the Body Beautiful full-figured women’s clothing line.  Boot Camp Print Shop exists to enhance your image through apparel and promotional items for your business!

Mildred White

Mia's Heart

“I design stylish wardrobes for curvy and plus size women.”

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